Monday, October 13, 2008

Green Grades

Just a quick note to say thank you to Kelly Laplante of Organic Interior Design in Venice Beach, California, as well as all the folks there who helped compile information for their "Green Grades".
This is a comprehensive review and evaluation of companies providing eco-furnishings.

Oliveira Textiles, Harmony Art, Rubie Green, OEco Textiles, Mod GreenPod and Lulan were included in her listing of those of us who are"thriving" or "ground breaking" leaders in the industry --You go girls!

Everyone is working hard to provide these beautiful textiles to the consumer. Although we are all at different stages of the ecolution of our product, it is so nice to know that we are all still pushing the envelope and growing the movement of toxin free textiles!

I applaude the unbelievable work ethic of OEco Textiles! Patty and Leigh--I sit in awe each time I read about your successes in eliminating the chemicals in your fabrics and juggling all of the players in your production. Truly remarkable! All of our stories are unique and our efforts deserving of much success. The best to all!

Deb Olson
Oliveira Textiles