Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet Sustainable Style

Well, our brand new 'lifestyle' images will soon be added to the Oliveira Textiles home page. Look for them next week! Our photographer Maaike Bernstrom has done a lovely job capturing the essence of our collection; contemporary, sustainable, style. Fabric by the yard, pillows, fashion accessories and custom furniture. It's always warm somewhere!
And for all of our North-east customers - new fall patterns and colorways are in the works.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

True Artistry & Craftsmanship - Alexander McQueen

So my trip down to New York was wonderful. The Alexander McQueen show was as fantastic as I knew it would be, massive crowds not withstanding. At least I got to view beautiful Asian art along the way. Seeing these garments up close just reinforced the beauty and unmatched craftsmanship that I saw on the Metropolitan's website. I am sure that each of the hundreds of visitors to this show feels the same sadness and loss at the death of this brilliant designer. His legacy is a repertoire of rare imagination. I'm so very fortunate that I had the opportunity to view these collections in the flesh.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New York

It's time to head down to the city for some urban inspiration. I'm taking full advantage of my sons' week long camping trip with friends to get away and meet with some old friends and colleagues of my own. And if it's not completely insane, I WILL try to attend the very last day of the Alexander McQueen show at the Met. Always a whirlwind. Our Bristol shop will be closed on Monday August 8, and Tuesday August 9. Please just call with any questions as I will be checking in: 401-396-9194. Back in Bristol Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manchester By The Sea

Oliveira Textiles joined Francesca Joy/PB yesterday, August 1 for another lovely seaside trunk show. Heidi and Kailee Wilson were the hosts and I must say completely gracious and helpful. Thank you both very much for inviting us into your home. I knew it would be a wonderful evening when I walked in and saw that adorable sofa upholstered in our seaweed green Anemone. And we had never met or exchanged aquaintances till yesterday…now that's serendipity.