Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flame Retardants...gotta be a better way

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Future Society is leading a campaign to ban PBDE toxic flame retardants. These synthetic chemicals make clothing, furniture and electronics less flammable, but we now know they are harmful to humans and to sealife, especially killer whales. To learn more and to get involved, visit

Talk about ' full cirlce'...My entire family (8 kids) at my dad's request, would gather around the TV on Sunday evenings to watch Jacques Cousteau's undersea adventures.......and since we've been doing a fair amount of technical research these days..thought I would share this. We all want our kids and homes to be protected against any and all possible disasters, but are chemically saturated fabrics and clothing really necessary? The research is pretty heady and more scientific than many folks have the patience to read through...but I'll share an article I've just read here.
"Recently there are increasing concerns over the environmental and toxicological impacts of halogenated flame retardants and their decomposition products formed when the flame retarded polymer systems are burned during an accidental fire, disposed off in the environment or being incinerated. California, for example, is to ban some halogenated flame retardants in 2008 due to the health concerns. Another serious drawback of halogenated polymer systems is that they generate thick smokes and toxic fumes when burned during a fire event.
A new series of low smoke, non-halogenated flame retardants have been developed. Tests showed that the flame retardants are effective in PP and other polyolefin compounds. These flame retardants compare favorably with traditional flame retardants such as halogenaated, mineral and APP flame retardants."

Stay tuned