Thursday, June 28, 2007

In The Beginning....

Hello, It's Thursday June 28th and we are very excited to see our first strikeoffs--fabric samples--tomorrow....These are our very first prints, 'Wavelength' and 'Anemone' and we can't wait to see our art printed...after 23 years designing textiles in New York for many other manufacturers, it is thrilling to finally be producing a product of our own...we've had some minor challenges printing on our hemp because of the natural 'lignens' in the fiber. The fabric is resisiting the dyes slightly so we will have to iron out this printer says it will be fine and we believe him. (Of course we are reading everything there is to know about printing on hemp anyway)
And by the way...if there is a textile printer in the Northeastern US who is using fiber-reactive dyes certified by "The Global Organic Textile Standards" body...or is at least aming their company in that direction ....please call us...currently the only printers we know of are overseas.
and since our goal is to 'decrease' our environmental footprint...we would much prefer to print here in the US...
And for those of you interested in samples...we hope to have our yardage by early August.
We'll keep you posted. thanks and ciao for now.
Dawn & Deborah

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  1. I have recently become very intrigued by the 'green movement' that is taking place. I am in the research stages of starting my own small green company and have found it more difficult than anticipated to locate the necessary materials in the United States. I applaud your efforts to help make a difference and look forward to seeing the designs you will soon have displayed on your site.