Monday, November 19, 2007

The Green Room


On Saturday, 11/10 we were invited by Verdant Magazine to display our new collection in their showroom at the New York Design Center. (200 Lexington Avenue) It's called The Green Room and acts as a showcase for sustainable product design. Our fabrics will be on view there until early January. We are very happy to have a New York venue for our collection and are working towards creating more of a presence in NYC. It was thrilling to set up the show and we want to thank Victoria Foraker at Verdant for being so encouraging.
(and a wonderful seamstress, Jean Quigley for sewing up our pillows so quickly )

We've had some nice press recently from a wonderful Italian news website.
Check our press page over the next few days; for those of you, like me, who don't read Italian, we will have a translation done.
I also just want to say that as we continue to work on 'getting the word out' about our company, we're meeting some really encouraging business owners, magazine editors, and designers.
Thank you all for your sound advise and helpful suggestions. Sharing this journey makes it all the more enjoyable and a lot less like 'work'.
til we meet again

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  1. Congratulations!!! Looks amazing! I spotted your fabric at the SF Green Festival in the NearSea Naturals booth. It was fabulous to see and feel your fabrics in person. They are lovely. I wish you all the best!