Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Resourceful Reclaiming

Ok I just have to mention that my incredibly resourceful partner has convinced a local shipyard to give us all of the plastic used to wrap the pleasure boats so common to this area in the summer.
When these boats are out of the water through the cold weather months, they're 'shrink wrapped' in shipyards all over New England.
She hauled this stuff over to her yard, cleaned it up and we have now reclaimed it as our packaging material of choice....waste not, want not as ye olde pilgrims would say.
Thanks Deb!!!!!!!You are awesome!


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  2. Where are you going to take the plastic to get recycled. What are the shipping costs involved? Do you have your own factory? Please I am a student doing a paper on plastic and textile recycling in the New England region.

  3. Joe,
    First of all, thank you for writing as an eager student. We are re-purposing the shipyard plastic. We are not sending it to a factory to be re-processed.
    We cleaned it ourselves in order to give it new life and it's exactly what we needed to wrap our rolls of fabric to be airtight and waterproof. And the best part? It's free!
    Best of luck with your research. Let me know if there is any other info you need. I don't know who is actually recylcing textiles here in the Northeast, but I am teaching a class at RISD in Providence this summer. Perhaps we can talk more about what you find.
    Thanks again for writing.
    401-396-9194 in Rhode Island