Monday, November 17, 2008

New Colorways

Well here we are in November, post election and mid bailout......and in spite of all the mayhem, we at OT are thinking positively and working diligently towards a brighter, greener future...mayhem, 'schmayhem', designers must design.
We are glad to announce that some new Anemone colorways and a new pattern called Madeira Vine have arrived. The New Anemones in: WildPlum, SunOrange & StormGrey feature a ground cloth of 100% Certified Organic Hemp in a herringbone construction. It's naturally soft and supple.
Our new dyes are 'fiber-reactive' and Oeko-Tex approved!
The Madeira Vine in ShaleSand is also printed on our herringbone, the Marigold colorway glows on our original Hemp twill. (name inspired by one of the beautiful Portuguese islands near The Azores)
Additionally, we will have 2 new patterns coming soon. We can't wait to share them with you.
Please contact one of our reps or you can call our office directly.
Our new, New England Regional Sales rep is:
The Laurel Guild Purveyors of Fine Textiles and Exceptional Furnishings
Post Office Box 812898 Wellesley, MA 02482
617.834.8040 P
617.517.5408 F

Thanks for visiting.

The Island of Madeira
Anemone / WildPlum

Anemone / SunOrange

Anemone / StormGrey

Madeira Vine / Marigold

Madeira Vine / ShaleSand


  1. Such lovely fabrics. I found you through Harmony Arts Blog. :) Looking forward to watching your progress.

  2. Thank you Sheree...appreciate your thoughts!
    Stay in touch.
    kindest regards,