Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Green Economy

So on Monday, Feb 16th, I will be headed to Las Vegas to join the panel discussion at the "Magic Show"/Ecolect Eco-Material Panel 0209-Seminars Eco and from the current state of affairs around the world, I have a feeling 'the economy' will be at the top of everyone's agenda.
From my own perspective as a designer, I will do my best to highlight the importance of creating a sustainable society through education, inspiration, and will clearly take a concerted effort on the part of designers, scientists, economists and politicians to rescue our economy and protect our planet.

Some eco-facts I've read this morning:

...Over the next three decades, today´s students must re-engineer and re-wire the world, provide shelter and food for three billion more people, and stabilize the global climate, sustainably.
Professor Eban Goodstein, Bard Center, National Climate Dialogue

...Catering to environmental demands also is becoming increasingly important for keeping the industry's mills and factories humming. The emphasis on "green" applies to the whole spectrum, from basic fibers all the way to finished garments. (and home textiles)

...Retailers also are in the forefront of the eco drive. Their basic message to suppliers these days: If you don't follow some ecological principles, we will look for other suppliers who can and will.

...One final sign that reducing the environmental footprint is now mainstream: The increasing reliance on third-party certifications. At last count, there were 38 certifiers for textiles. These include such organizations as the International Oeko-Tex Association, bluesign technologies ag and the International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard. Some of these outfits even work with manufacturers in such key areas as water use, energy and chemicals.
Robert S. Reichard, Economics Editor - Textile World - Textiles 2009: Some Late Bottoming Out, But No Miracles

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