Saturday, June 6, 2009

RISD reminder...

Thought I would share this information with all those who visit our blog and ask that you pass it on....thanks .
New this Summer! RISD Continuing Ed has several new courses that focus on sustainable materials for a variety of design applications, plus many unique new fine art and design offerings, and several new courses in The Business of Art + Design that should be of interest to all. Here are links to a few of the new courses, or check out our full course list for all summer offerings:Sustainable Textiles: Farm to Shelf (TEXT-1961)Green Materials and Design: Exploring Process + Product (INDES-0280) Vibrant Vector Design (COMC-0899) Landscape Design History: Focus on Newport (PRES-3917) Painterly Prints: Gelatin Monotypes Workshop (PRINT-4399) Experimental Relief Printmaking (PRINT-4398) Intellectual Property for Art + Design: Be in the Know (PRAC-0173) Contracts: What Artists + Designers Need to Know (PRAC-0174)

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  1. after looking over your RSDI reading list for your and other summer school classes... I can just imagine how that must have sparked some serious interest for explorations in so many directions... hope that you all enjoy the "summer in the city.".