Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Begin Again

And so we start a new chapter.
Though it has been eons since I've posted on this blog, an unforgivable sin in this day and age of social networking, we have nonetheless been working as hard as ever to keep Oliviera Textiles humming. Along with a new updated website,(as of a few moments ago) new products and new patterns coming, We also have a sweet new storefront/studio in the works right here in Bristol. "Oliveira Textiles Studio" is located at 219 High Street, right next door to "Roxies Consignment Boutique". We plan to open right around Earth Day so look for updates here and on our new FaceBook page - OLIVEIRA TEXTILES.
This will give us the opportunity to connect with our local community, spread our sustainability message, and have a more organized space to work from. Boy will I be happy to have more space here at home…whew…
As well, I've been teaching my Sustainable Textiles class through RISD's Continuing Ed Department. This past session, I've been lucky enough to have incredibly talented, eager and delightful women to share 6 weeks of deep discussions on all things organic. We hope you join us on this journey and really look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks to: Candita Clayton Studio, Green Envy, Kreatlier and Chairloom for featuring all of our fabrics and new products.
And to the 2 loves of my life, Boris and Jacob-the sweetest sons a Mom could hope for.

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  1. Great inaugural post for the re-launch of a great site. This is the place where creativity, sustainability, and respect for the planet intersect. No suprise that DO is there!