Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emerson College Interview - Design schools show signs for a green future

Last Fall Tara Raiti - an environmental studies student at Emerson College conducted an interview with Oliveira Textiles and several other designers and educators. Her focus was on Education and Fashion. Since I've been teaching my "Green Textiles for Home and Apparel" class at The Rhode Island School of Design's Continuing Ed dept., for several years now, this was a great fit and turned out to be a really informative interview. The interview was shown on Survive and Thrive Boston". There are 2 segments.

Design schools show signs for a green future

By Tara Raiti 12/08/10

Fashion design degrees at major art schools in New England, such as the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the Rhode Island School of Design, offer nearly 30 general courses in areas such as detailing techniques, design, and pattern making. But now, teachers and students are embracing an emerging niche to satisfy the desire to be eco-conscious in fashion. Discover what's being done now and in the making for the future of an eco-conscious fashion education by clicking on the videos below.

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