Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Perspective: A Word From Our Interns

North Campus Residence Hall:  The newest, sustainably designed housing built in 2009

My name is Elizabeth Crupi and I am a Junior studying Marketing and Dance at Roger Williams University. I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours a week this semester at Oliveira Textiles which is just down the street from campus. I can honestly say I have never been a part of such a sustainable business, one that spans from operation to output. From the research I did on “green living”, to what I learned from being at Dawn Oliveira’s shop, I have obtained a greater grasp on the concept of sustainability. Since sustainability is such a broad concept I was truly taken aback when learning the lengths that Oliveira Textiles goes through to produce and distribute an entirely “green” business and product. After understanding the effort required to allow for a sustainable business my job became that much more enjoyable. As a marketing intern I was responsible for all social media outlets, and it was nice to know that the business I was working to promote was working to help our planet! I was so happy to lend my knowledge of marketing to such an environmentally conscious business, and feel I learned just as much as possible in the brief two months I spent with Dawn Oliveira, which is important to me as a student.

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  1. Thanks so very much Liz, for taking time to share your thoughts.
    I thoroughly enjoyed having you in my studio these past couple of months and hope we can reconnect when you return to RI in the Fall.. Being Smart, Attentive and Resourceful are great work attributes to have, and you do.
    Have a great summer. I'll work on my Twitter skills this summer..appreciate your help with all things cyber!
    Dawn Oliveira